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Italian Ladies Linen Tunic

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  • One Size (UK 14 - 18) 
  • 45" around Bust-line
  • 100% Linen 
  • Long Sleeves with Tab-backs
  • Pointed Hem Corners
  • A-line Shape
  • Stitch & Button Design Features
  • Front removable Purse Pocket
  • Washable and can hang dry
  • Minimum/no ironing
  • Colours: STONE/TAUPE
  • Length from nap to centre-back hem =31"
  • ONE SIZE up to UK Size 16/18 measures 45" around the bust-line
A very chic and interestingly "different" linen top in with a slightly "crushed" characteristic to the fabric.
Wear with White or Cream or Black Pants for a very continental look.

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