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Linen Tunics are a top wardrobe investment

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All-year-round, whether in warmer weather at home or away on winter holidays to the sun, the linen tunic is a must-have piece which can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Easy to wash and care-for, many now even being of a "scrunched" linen characteristic which can be left to drip-dry, what is not to love about this cool and comfortable natural fibre! There are long sleeves with tab-backs which can be worn either full-length or 3/4, there are 3/4 sleeves, elbow-length sleeves, short sleeves, and sleeveless tunics which can be worn over a slim, sheer long-sleeved top as an alternative look.  They work well with loose linen trousers, slim pants, jeans, 3/4 capri pants, shorts, slim skirts, so you needn't even have to buy new "bottoms" to find that the new linen tunic has spruced up so many items of your existing wardrobe choices, and even resurrected with a new lease of life a pair of pants that may have stayed unworn for a season-or-two.  Buy classic colours like Black, Natural, Olive, Navy, to wear for work and more formal settings; buy White and Cream for the ultimate feeling of stylish cool in hot weather; buy vibrant colours to enhance your own personal colouring, or cool pastels for that smart and sophisticated look. Have a look at vivi-direct's fabulous choice of linen tunics including FLAX and EVA TRALALA.   Now is the time to treat yourself!  Life is short and we deserve the little things that make us happy!

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