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Whether women are seeking cool summer womens clothing for summer at home, or the ideal holiday outfits for hot weather vacations and cruises, then Vivi-Direct can help. Vivi-Direct offers the essential stylish women's clothing to women of all ages, from UK size 10 to the larger plus size clothing. The wide range of many super colours combines the classic with the soft and the vibrant, to give you not only your favourite shades, but also those which will give you cool outfits for many occasions.

From the classically cool, crisp white linen which gives the greatest comfort in the hottest weather, through the pastel shades of pale blue, pale pink and lilac for cool and flattering style in the sizzling sun. Choose classy natural or khaki for trips to the shops or the museums or places of historic interest, and think of combining natural and pale pink, or khaki and pale blue, or navy and lilac into a chic linen outfit. Then there is of course the ever-stylish combination of natural or khaki with white, or the timeless nautical navy and white co-ordinate. One can never overlook the striking and sophisticated black, which always cuts a dash at any occasion, and is the ideal evening choice to show off your tan with the maximum cool comfort of 100% natural fibre linen. Black of course combines perfectly with white, or team it up for striking effect with fuchsia or turquoise.

Whilst fuchsia looks stunning as a fully matched outfit, so also does turquoise, with either colour being totally suitable to wear even as a wedding outfit in hot weather. Combine turquoise with white and it immediately looks ideal for a tropical beach!

Play with the pallet of colours and compose a variety of mix-and-match summer clothes or holiday clothes which will see you through every occasion.