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By far the best women's clothing fabric for coolness and comfort in warm weather and hot climates is that made from 100% Linen. This natural fabric absorbs perspiration, allows the skin to breathe, and better allows the air to circulate round the body. For larger plus size ladies, this is an even more important feature of well being. Of course cool white linen is a classic colour choice in the heat, and all the paler linen shades feel cooler in the sun.

Another advantage of 100% linen and clothing made from natural fibres, is for women with sensitive skin and those prone to allergic reactions like "prickly heat" in hot weather. For women who suffer from "hot flushes", again 100% linen is the most comfortable answer in warm environments.

Yes, so pure linen does crease, but this has become an accepted characteristic of this great natural fabric, and even adds to its authenticity and style. Garments made from linen mixed with other fibres to try to avoid creasing, tend to look so boxy and awkward by comparison.

There are many who will not wear anything but pure 100% natural fibre linen, and the creasing is part of the natural allure. The creasing also molds the garment, and in practice the more creasing there is, the less evident it becomes as the whole garment softens.

Vivi-Direct offers 100% pure linen Womens Clothing with classic separates and summer dresses to stylish women of all ages, all-year-round, from UK size 10 to larger plus size (size 22), in a wide choice of ten flattering colours.

An added advantage of the linens from Vivi-Direct is that they are fully machine-washable and easy to iron.

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