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Plus Size (Larger Size) Clothing

100% Natural Linen in classic womens plus size clothing to stay cool in warm weather. For ageless women of style seeking larger sizes, garments are offered in many colours and up to UK Size 22 (US size 18) in most styles.

(Some FLAX styles up to 58" / UK Size 26-28). Garment measurements are listed on the shopping pages.

The Classic Linen Shirt/Jacket, together with its longer mid-calf version, worn open or closed, is cut straight and long so as to be able to hide a multitude of sins in the clothes for larger ladies range and be flattering to the fuller figure. The Drawstring Linen Trousers and ¾ Linen Capri-pants are straight-legged, and feature elastication at the back of the waist plus a drawstring to adjust to individual comfort.

The Mandarin-style Linen Jacket is also cut straight, though with a slimmer silhouette and long side-slits to give a longer, leaner look.

In the range of clothing for larger ladies, I recommend always choosing the same colour top and bottom which gives a longer, slimmer appearance. Choosing different colours, however nice, leaves a horizontal line where the garments meet, which is visually thickening and less flattering.

The Long Sleeveless Linen Tunic also goes up to size 22 in all of the many colours, and with the cut-away sleeve-line into the shoulder, is flattering even to those of us who like less to show our arms! This garment allows us to feel cool and confident in the sun whatever size we are!

Whilst the Linen Shorts go up to Size 20 and not Size 22, they are cut generously, whilst not baggy, round the leg and feature elastication to each side of the waistband for extra comfort. Similarly, the Skirt is amply cut, with elastication to the back of the waistband.

In all garments, the added advantages of Linen in the Larger Plus-Sizes is that being pure 100% natural fibre they are cool, and easily absorb perspiration in the warm weather, whilst being also fully machine-washable and easy to iron.