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FLAX linen clothing for women

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FLAX DESIGNS are a well-known US women's LINEN clothing company, and a favourite with many devotees for their reliably casual-yet-well-dressed look.  They make loose and flowy clothing styles in natural linen fabric, which is often referred to as "soft dressing", and suits a multiple of different occasions, ages and body shapes.  Wearing Flax means you can step out with confidence, and still look and stay "cool" in warm and hot climates, wherever you are.

"Layering" is also a feature of Flax clothing, with permutations of different styles of tops, pants and dresses.  There are lots of unstructured tops, tunics, shirts, elastic (or part-elastic) waist pants, and dresses from which to choose.

There are several collections per year (Spring, Neutral, Bold, Summer, Sunshine, Underflax, etc....)  and there is also the intermittent repeat of popular best-selling styles in different linen weaves or colour shades, from sombre classics to the more sizzling summer vibrants.  Beware though, the sizings are very generous, and you will mostly find that a size smaller will fit you better than what you have anticipated. Vivi-direct includes actual size measurements on the shopping pages to help order the right size.


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