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Plus-size Clothing

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Many of the styles offered by vivi-direct include the larger plus sizes and have garment bust measurements of up to 54".  Some may be more. The shopping pages will give garment measurements to help make your choice. The ideal is to measure a garment from your wardrobe which you find is a really comfortable fit, and compare.  There is a wide variety of styles including linen tops by Flax, Eva Tralala, vivi-direct's own selection, and cotton crepe styles by Onelife clothing.  Look for the loose styles like the Eva Tralala linen Diagonal Tunic (54" bust measurement) or the Flax linen Aligned Blouse (54" bust measurement).

The vivi-direct Extra-long Linen Shirt offers XXL (53") in Lilac and Navy, and the Classic Shirt offers XXL (53") in Lilac.  There are Lilac linen Drawstring Trousers up to UK Size 22 to complete the outfit, and Eva Tralala offers a very popular and comfortable linen trouser with elasticated waist, in a range of colours up to UK Size 20.



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