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Caring for Cashmere for Many Years' Enjoyment of this Luxurious Natural Fibre

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 Caring for Cashmere

Properly washed and cared for, cashmere knitwear should keep its shape and last for many years.

Even if the care label reads “dry clean”, hand-washing a cashmere knit is better, and will actually make it softer over time.

 (Only woven cashmere garments should be dry-cleaned so as not to lose their shape.)

 Wash your knitted cashmere garments are like your own hair, and they should be washed after 6 – 7 wearings to keep them looking their best.

Use your shampoo, or a baby shampoo, or a mild detergent like Woolite.  Be sure to dissolve this thoroughly in lukewarm water before putting in the sweater.  Move the garment around in the cool water for several minutes before rinsing until the water is clear.

Again, use a hair conditioner in the rinsing water to make the cashmere even softer and keep its loft.     Wash different coloured garments separately and do not use bleach.

Squeeze the garment gently, do not twist or wring. Twisting a wet sweater would stretch and spoil the sweater.  Lay it flat on a towel after removing excess water, and reshape it as it dries, away from direct heat or sunlight.

Press with a damp cloth if necessary, using a cool iron, from the inside of the garment.

 Fold to store.  To avoid lines down the middle of a sweater, fold each side of the sweater inward by a third, smooth the arms down and fold in half.

Do not leave hanging or this will stretch the garment and leave shoulder dimples, and the pull of gravity will distort the overall shape.  Store in a plastic bag, in a dry moth-free drawer, chest or cupboard, and make sure there are no food particles on the garment which will also attract moth damage.  Washing is recommended before garments are stored.

Basic tips to keep your pure cashmere garments looking clean and beautiful:

Do not wear the same garment frequently; allow the garment 2 -3 days in between wearings.

A silk scarf goes well with a cashmere jumper or top, and can protect the cashmere neckline from cosmetic stains.

Do not wear your cashmere garment next to rough clothing, metal necklace, bracelet, belt, and accessories such as crocodile leather bags or rough fabric or beaded bags whose surface will damage the delicate cashmere.

Pilling (little balls that get on the knitwear) is a natural occurrence on cashmere and wool.  Some garments will pill more than others. Pilling is caused by friction of some sort (seat belt, handbag strap, briefcase, the synthetic lining of another garment) or abrasion during regular use.  When pilling occurs, just manually pick off, or carefully cut the pills off, breaking the connection. Then wash the garment according to the above instructions.  To avoid pilling, it is important not to rub the garment with anything rough.

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