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Celebs Who Wear Linen

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All women just MUST be familiar with our wonderful Joanna Lumley  "On The Nile", and her cool, casual style of dressing which awoke so many to the laid-back chic of linen, quite apart from it being the ultimate cool fabric to wear in the heat. There were letters to Hilary Alexander of the Telegraph Fashion pages, as well as other revered fashion journalists, urgently chasing stockists of this understated elegance. Sales of vivi-direct's Extra-long Linen Shirt, Knee-length Shaped Linen Shirt, and linen pants, took off as a result of this TV exposure.

Then along came Judi Dench in "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and women were studying as much her cool linen style as enjoying the film.  Great icons wearing the world's most esteemed fabric to such great effect. What better advertisement than these two talented, loved and admired women extolling the virtues of the world's coolest fabric in both comfort and style.

Umpteen celebs have been seen sporting the laid-back look of linen. Miranda Kerr (Victoria Secret's model) in skinny jeans and casual white linen top, oversized sunglasses and just a hint of colour on her lips. Selma Blair with loose white linen shirt tucked stylishly into her pale blue linen trousers, and suede loafers.  Ashley Tisdale and Beyonce opt for the glamour look, turning linen into a fashion statement with linen lace and ultra-feminine chic, or linen blazer over tank top and leather pants.

Stars that exude glamour on screen often sport a more casual and relaxed style off screen, and what better way to achieve that than wearing cool and comfortable linen. Halle Berry changes from femme fatale into a dress-down top paired with loose beige linen trousers as her chic street look.

Gwyneth Paltrow keeps her cool in linen outfits, from her sizzle on screen to her cool and sensuous off it.  Being tall and slender, she looks good in everything, but linen is her favourite fabric and is spotted wearing it often. She adds glamour to the whole look with chunky neckpieces and a radiant smile.

From Cameron Diaz to Pippa Middleton, the glam girls look ravishing in linen. Cool, comfortable and classic, their appearance inspires thousands of women across the globe.

Linen is a top favourite the world over, and fashionable ladies know how to wear this fabric with effortless chic.  Linen is for everyone looking for cool comfort and style.

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