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FLAX Linens will be in short supply in 2017

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Oh dear!  I've just been in contact with the Flax Designs UK agent, and due to the currently poor UK Pound-to-dollar exchange rate, the summer 2017 collections will not be available in the UK this summer.  Here at vivi-direct we have tried hard to amortize the higher prices for the Spring 2017 FLAX, but given that these lovely garments won't be sloshing around with their usual availability all summer, it would be a good plan to invest in a purchase right now. We have some lovely new designs in, and all in the classic, ageless, timeless colours.

Flax Linens never go out of vogue, they are stylish and classic, and wear over and over again. I myself have occasionally put a real vintage piece from my own wardrobe on eBay which has been snapped up within hours, such is the following and reputation of these lovely linens garments.

vivi-direct also has many previous season Flax styles reduced in price, so now is the moment to invest! Go ahead and indulge yourself. Life is short. Go for it!

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