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There’s nothing better to keep your body cool when it comes to comfort in warmer climates, and nothing more stylish in the art of dressing, than linen.

Man-made fibres might look great, but they will make you sweat uncomfortably in the heat.

In hot weather, people wearing linen clothes have been found to show a skin temperature 3-4 degrees less than those similarly dressed in even cotton or silk.

 Linen is a natural fabric, from the flax (linseed) plant - made into clothing.  It is far more environmentally friendly to grow than even cotton, and certainly more eco-friendly than petroleum-based man-made fibres. It has a well-earned reputation for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. It allows more air-flow, and its structure means it stays away from the skin allowing better air-flow over the body.

It is termed a "stiff" fabric and less likely to cling to the skin.  When it billows away, it will wick away your perspiration and become cool quickly so that your skin is repeatedly being touched by a cooling surface.

Linen also possesses high air permeability, allowing airflow through the fabric itself, providing your body with room to breathe. 

Linen is virtually lint-free, non-allergenic, naturally insect repellent, and provides UV protection. It has natural antibacterial properties, which is why it is used in medicine. It also acts against the bacteria that can make a person smell.  

So, linen is classy, cool and good for your well-being, whether worn in the workplace, at a social gathering, at home, travelling or in a hot climate.  

No plastic particles to pollute our environment and choke our wildlife to death.

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