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Oh dear my lovely FLAX followers, I have just received this bad news update from Flax UK!

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Vivi has sold FLAX since 1996 from its well-known shop in Knutsford, Cheshire. We then took it online with the formation of our internet business: We have a loyal following for the iconic FLAX Linen collection, but alas, we suspected that with the currently poor sterling exchange rate against the US dollar, and customers generally having less disposable income at present, the moment might come when FLAX became temporarily un-affordable and unavailable. This time has sadly come!

After recently blogging that the FLAX UK agent announced there would be no summer 2017 collection, I have just received this very bad news email today: Cut & Pasted as follows:

"Dear Viv,

We have waited this spring to see if currencies improved before we made any decisions about showing FLAX for 2018.

 With the dollar at 1.28 to the £, importing is not viable at this moment. The garments become too expensive and we as importers are not profitable.

 Regrettably we will not show FLAX in the UK until this situation improves. Since 1996 we have ridden many currency fluctuations but this is now too sustained. We will wait for an upturn.

 In the meantime, we wish you great business success and hope to contact you again as this situation changes.

 We greatly value the relationships we have with all our customers and friends and wish you well.

 With best regards

Maggie, Jo and Louis


Well folks, vivi-direct still has some nice FLAX pieces in stock, though there has been a run on them in this very hot weather. Don't delay in making a purchase, because FLAX Linens are iconic, stylish beyond the barriers of time, ageless, and will last you for ever. An investment well worth the money.


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