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ONE LIFE Womens Cotton Crepe Button-through Tunic PICO

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  • 100% Natural Cotton Crepe in 2 Sizes
  • SMALL/MEDIUM  (Size 1)= measures 42" around the Bustline
    LARGE/XL (Size 2) = measures 49" around the Bustline
  • LENGTH from nap to centre-back hem = 33"
  • 6 Buttons - Button-through
  • Pointed Handkerchief Hem Feature
  • 3/4 Sleeves with Point Feature
  • Textured Front-strap
  • Washable
A great dual purpose top, tunic ot jacket, great for summer weather to stay smart and cool.
Wear with linen or cotton crepe pants.
Wear with a cotton crepe camisole underneath for layering.

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