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Womens Soft Black Cashmere Fringed Shawl

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Exclusive to vivi-direct.

These cashmere shawls are offered in BLACK only and measures approximately 50" x 74" (longest side) and a depth of approx 32-34".
(measurements are given as approximate to allow the normal tolerances for these knitted cashmere garments)

The VIVIANE CHANTALE CASHMERE Shawl is designed as a 3-sided soft, triangular shawl in 2-ply cashmere, with cashmere fringes on two of the sides.

It is light in weight (165g) and folds up small enough to fit into an average handbag or into the corner of a suitcase for those unexpectedly chilly occasions which occur at any time of the year. Its knitted softness and warmth mould to the body offering more warmth than a woven shawl or pashmina.

As an owner of one of these luxury shawls, it quickly becomes an essential wardrobe item, and you might wonder what you ever did without it!

As the shawl is very soft and pliable, it can be gathered and worn in a scarf effect loosely tied, with a cashmere cardigan or cashmere sweater. Or it can be draped around the neckline like a "snood" with the deepest point, plus the two ends, to the front.

Gathered and worn in a scarf effect with a cashmere sweater or cashmere cardigan top, there is not only the luxury of ultimate warmth, but also the chic effect of designer cashmere knitwear.

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